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  • Selling in the healthcare industry requires specific selling skills, plus an understanding of the clinical and medical business environment. There is much to learn, and it is impossible to learn it all at once.

    The majority of medical sales representatives are fighting their territory challenges alone. They’re stressed, overworked, and unprepared to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities available to them. It’s easy to see why so many medical sales reps struggle in their territories and fail to hit quota. It’s because they aren’t selling effectively and don’t ask for help.

    Medical Sales Academy offers training and ongoing medical sales education. You can post questions about situations in your territory or things on your mind. 

    Plus, there is a live monthly conference call or webinar to help keep you focused on important topics relevant to medical sales.


  • When you join Medical Sales Academy, you’ll gain access to more than 40 modules of medical sales training. You’ll get the PAIN SONAR Medical Sales Blueprint, a live monthly webinar or conference where you can ask questions (which is recorded for review at any time), plus private video, audio, and written content. The jewel in the crown is the private community forum where you can discuss medical sales topics with other medical sales reps in the industry. 

    You can review the training content as often and whenever you wish (provided you have an internet connection). This is a very valuable resource to have right before a major sales call!

  • A: No. The content is released as one unit per day. This is to maximize your learning, retention, and course effectiveness. Remember, you’re going through a course to learn life-long skills; you’re not reading a book just to obtain a minimally functional familiarity. The course has been designed to be taken over time. You should complete the course in 39 days if you go through one short course unit each day. 39 days is a blip on the radar screen when compared to the rest of your medical sales career. Once a course unit becomes available to you, you can go back to it and go through it as often as you wish.

  • It will take a minimum of 39 days to go through all of the course units. The course is designed for maximum retention and implementation in the territory one skill at a time. During this time, you may interact with others on the forum to get your questions answered. The forum continues after you finish the training modules. It is also recommended that you go through the course more than once. Success is a marathon, not a sprint (you may have heard me say that before). Be patient and take your time going through the course. Learning over time makes it more likely to retain and use the information.