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How to Gain a Positively Unfair Advantage With Doctors and Other HCPs Using The Little Know Secrets of Virtual Medical Sales Calls

WARNING: Don’t even think about virtual medical sales calls unless you read this first…

When It’s Challenging Getting Time With Doctors & Other HCPs Because Of Access Issues Or Geography, There’s A Solution… 

Here’s the problem you face: The stakeholders in your accounts are stressed, busy, and overwhelmed. Budgets are frozen, approved purchases have been deferred, and you’re probably experiencing frustration just trying to get in the door. In fact,  a “no sales reps,” policy has become common with HCPs and hospitals. Despite the challenges and turmoil, there is a subset of medical sales representatives who are crushing sales in their territories, not in spite of the crisis HCPs and hospitals are dealing with, but because of it.  Opportunities exist for medical sales like never before. This is the perfect time to incorporate a virtual medical sales strategy to ensure access, engage HCPs and other stakeholders and convert business. Welcome to a new era of healthcare sales.

doctor posting no sales reps

Avoid The BIG Mistakes Most Medical Reps Make When Attempting A Virtual Sales Approach

As HCPs and other healthcare stakeholders restrict access to sales reps,  salespeople are attempting to replace in-person selling with video calls. It makes sense, right? Video calls avoid many of the threats associated with live visits. But…
Instead of achieving success with virtual sales calls, most reps fail miserably. The problem?
The main reason most medical reps fail when trying to sell virtually is failure to address the subtle, but critical differences between selling in person and selling virtually. 

-Medical reps who attempt virtual sales calls without the necessary skills and strategies think virtual selling doesn’t work.  Yet, medical reps who know the secrets of virtual / blended selling are finding more sales opportunities than ever. There’s much more to it than just turning on a webcam.

—Continuing to sell like it’s 2019 is costing unprepared medical reps some of the greatest opportunities ever.

Fortunately For You, There’s An Easy Solution…

Let me introduce you to The Virtual / Blended Medical Sales Call Masterclass

In the new era of medical sales, selling in-person isn’t always appropriate or desirable. And while virtual sales calls using video conferencing platforms offer many advantages, they’re not always appropriate or desirable either. What often works, though, is a blended medical sales approach that combines virtual sales calls and in-person selling using specific sales strategies that address the’ special needs of HCPs and healthcare facilities in these special times.

The differences between selling effectively in-person vs. selling virtually are subtle, yet significant. The Virtual / Blended Medical Sales Call Masterclass teaches proven sales strategies for virtual and in-person medical sales that offer a true competitive edge.

The Virtual / Blended Medical Sales Call Masterclass

Master Virtual / Blended Medical Selling

Get immediate access to this online course to learn the secrets of using video platform technology that most medical reps don’t know or even misuse. Leverage more sales opportunities by selling virtually and visually.


Simplify The Technology

Learn to simplify the tech to make it easy for yourself and easy for the customer while avoiding tech glitches. 

Access Even Resistant HCPs

Learn proven strategies to get doctors, dentists, and other HCPs and stakeholders on video calls consistently so access is rarely an issue.

Leverage Video Advantage

Leverage the power of video to make a strong emotional and logical connection to influence critical buying decisions.

Virtual Medical Sales Call Masterclass

Identify & Convey Relevance

Learn Real-time Relevance-Based Selling™ to grab attention and influence even  the busiest HCPs and stakeholders.

Position Perfectly

Learn how to position your product/service perfectly based on CSV™  (Customer Specific Value) so prospects see it as the ideal solution.

Close Naturally & Easily

Learn the secrets to advancing the sales process at each encounter to ultimately reach a profitable conclusion.



Online Access Virtual / Blended Medical Sales Call Masterclass

Virtual Medical Sales Call Masterclass

Immediate Digital Access
(Tablet not included)

Value $1,997

BONUS: The Virtual Medical Sales Call Scripts and Questions Guide

virtual medical sales call scripts and questions

Digital PDF
Delivered approx. 30 days after enrolling

Value $297

BONUS: The Blended Medical Sales Strategy Guidebook

virtual medical sales guidebook

Digital PDF
Delivered approx. 30 days after enrolling

Value $297

BONUS: The Medical Sales Video Sales Call Checklist

medical sales video sales call checklist

Digital PDF

Value $197

Total Value = $2,788

Get Complete Package Now
Only $997

Yes, experience the training for yourself. Experience what it feels like when you tap into a deeper awareness of the HCPs and other decision-makers in your accounts, and the hidden restrictions are released so you can access and influence their product decisions like never before.

Immediate Access

You are protected by a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Interest Free Monthly Payments Also Available with PayPal Credit. 

virtual medical selling course package

TOTAL VALUE $2,788 !


I’m going to give you a NO-RISK GUARANTEE. I know what you’re thinking…what if this doesn’t work for you? You might even be thinking that medical sales through video sales calls won’t be as effective, or you don’t know if you’ll be able to do it. What you will learn in this course will not only make you effective selling via video sales calls, it will also make you a better salesperson when you’re live, in-person, face-to-face. The strategies and tactics work if you do the work. And since you’ve made it to this page, I know you’re serious about solving these pressing medical sales challenges that are here to stay. Here’s what I want you to know: If you go through each lesson in the course, apply it to your product, service, and customer, implement the details in your virtual and blended sales efforts and you don’t have more clarity about how to approach stakeholders and decision makers in your account and conduct a video sales call effectively, email me. Let me know this program isn’t for you and that you’d rather stick to just doing what you’ve always done and I’ll give you a full refund.

Don’t be shy. We are here to answer your questions 7 days a week.
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